Here are some of the kitties looking for a new home. Please contact us at 937-376-5550 if you are interested in scheduling a visit! Click on the cat's picture to see an enlarged image.

Chester: Here is "Chester.” He is an orange tiger, male (neutered), and is about two years old. He gets along with others, likes human contact, loves to play, and gets a big kick out of watching all the birds through his windows. He is usually the first to greet you when you enter his room and will stay close to you as long as he is getting petted.

Benny: Benny was a feral male kitty in Farmersville who has become quite the lover. He did not want any human contact for the first five months he was at The Tenth Life, but now he has grown to enjoy all the human interaction he can get. He likes other cats and plays well with them

Miko: Miko came to The Tenth Life from a family in Troy, Ohio. He has obviously been very well fed and is very friendly (to both humans and other cats). Miko is reserved, but he still has a lot of life in him. He adores attention and purr frequently when approached by humans.

Candy: Candy was a stray kitten in Beavercreek. She was one of a series of black kitties that showed up at the same house. A little shy at first, she became very friendly when she realized that people were really very nice to her. She is around 2 1/2 years old and gets along with everyone, human or cat. She enjoys playing, sitting on laps, and looking out the windows.