We do each adoption by appointment so that someone can be with you as you walk through the facility and see all the cats. This way, if you have any questions about a particular cat or kitten, you are able to ask it immediately. By doing the adoptions via appointment only, we are giving you the attention  you deserve in trying to go through a difficult process.

The adoption fee is currently $85.00 per cat, which includes blood testing each animal for both feline AIDS and feline leukemia, spaying or neutering, and all vaccines (distemper, leukemia, and rabies). We also include a cardboard carrier, an identification tag and collar, micro chipping for identification, and a booklet on proper cat care.

There are over 400 cats from which to choose. They range in age from around four months (when they can be spayed or neutered) to senior citizen kitties that are still waiting for their own home and family. The typical appointment lasts approximately two hours. Most of that time is spent trying to determine exactly which cat is the one you want. Upon finding the perfect cat for you and your family, you will be given an adoption contract with all the medical history about your cat. After completing the form and the signing of the adoption contract,  you will be given important information on proper cat care. You will receive an information booklet, a sample bag of food, and a going home catnip mat for the cat’s pleasure. You will be provided contact numbers for any future questions that you may have about your cat or its care.

As we have a full time, on- site veterinarian, we are able to offer declawing of the selected kitty before it goes to its new home, if you desire. The declawing is done with a surgical laser and costs an additional $150 for front paws and $200 for all four.